Some slides

I got the slides back from our Virgin Islands trip that I took with the Nikonos V underwater camera. I had NO idea what to expect since it was all guesswork- no light meter, a strobe flash, and no way to see what I'm focusing on. The slides were all on the dark side but in more than half of them you could actually see something other than black and around 1/3 of them you could make out what it is! About 1/4 of them are nearly in focus. All in all, I am pretty happy with the lot of them. I am going to get the better ones printed today and I am looking forward to seeing them more than an inch big- especially the squid ones!

For some of the lighter ones I used my slide printer to make Polaroids out of them. I am SO in love with the results!

Millions of tiny fish
Sunlight shining through the surface of the water at our safety stop on the dive
My daddy. I LOVE this picture!
Roger took this one of me. Took me a while, but I actually really like it. Can you see my initials in it?
I don't think a more perfect vintage beach photo exists.