Some things

I wish today was the start of the weekend, but it's not. I have to work tomorrow. I really want to craft. I want to be done with those rugs so I can make fun stuff on my loom. I also want to print my business cards, make Roger's Halloween costume, shop for the dogs costumes, go grocery shopping, get my Etsy shop started, work on the commissioned piece, get back to glass blowing, sit outside and watch my puppies play, have a clean house, take a walk with my husband, actually see Roger for more than a couple hours on any given day, screen print some fabric, sew, bake, and enjoy this fall weather before it's gone.

What am I actually going to do? Sit inside reading a book or watching TV, eating Ramen noodles because we don't have any food, go to work, come home, go to bed.

Maybe not. Maybe I'll actually be productive on my days off. We'll see.