Speaking of... Sunday

I think I am going to make everyday into something special. I haven't decided what they all are yet but hopefully it will inspire me to blog my butt off on a regular basis for all my 3 loyal readers. So to start off, I am going to make Sunday a quote day. I truly hate quotes, especially when people use paint or something to put lame inspirational quotes on their FB pictures. But I think they can be done well like on FreePeople. I am going to try my hand at it and see how it goes.

I am reading a book right now from one of my all time favorite authors: Mark Helprin. I never know what to expect and he always gives me something to think about. I am currently nose deep into "Memoirs from an Anteproof Case" which is where my quote is derived.
(Not sure how long this quote thing is going to last.... I can barely even bring myself to post this one, that is how much I hate them!)
"Nothing is as beautiful as a promise right after it is made."