Staff Orientation 2012 // Part 1

The countdown to camp has officially ended for this summer. Counselors began arriving Saturday night and the rest came Sunday afternoon for a week of staff orientation before campers arrive this Sunday. I left Nashville on Saturday after a quick trip for coffee and breakfast with Roger and the puppies. A last minute invitation to see Eva and Lily (the camp owners' daughters who I am nannying for 3 days a week) at their dance recital had me zipping my way to Asheville. I made it and managed to find a parking spot just on time! We weren't allowed to take photos during the show but I snapped one at the very end during curtain call.

The girls were AMAZING and it was a surprise to them that I'd be there which was a lot of fun too :) After the recital we went to dinner with several other families, then headed to Castle Rock Lodge to meet up with the earlybird counselors.

Sunday I had a little time to move into my old cabin behind the kitchen. It is exactly as I remember it and I am so happy to be settled back into my little slice of camp.

Not everything is how I left it though-- in fact there is a huge change in the kitchen this year. One that we desperately needed: a brand new mixer!! I don't know if you remember the old Hobart, but this one is a serious upgrade. It's also super shiny and new :) My first muffins were Cinnamon OJ Streusel, my first cookies were mint chocolate chip, and my first dessert were lemon bars. Baking is a breeze with this brand new guy!

Regardless of the big change to the baking area, Rick is still the same old Rick. Working with him is a constant surprise!

Sunday was also the last day of the White Squirrel Festival. For those of you who didn't know, Brevard is one of the few places in the world to play host to the marvelous white squirrel. Apparently they escaped from an overturned carnival truck back in the 1950's and the rest is history! I had plans to take Eva and Lily to the festival downtown so after a late start we finally made our way there. We stopped for hotdogs at Rocky's first:

Then it was snowcones, a blowup obstacle course, a trip to the toy store, some Ben & Jerry's ice cream: 

And finally some popcorn on our way out. It was a lot of fun, but boy- it was SO HOT outside!

Monday was full of staff training exercises so that's when I baked all those yummy treats. That afternoon we all took a dip in the lake for our swim demo's!

(I feel like this is the image I always picture when I think about summer camp)

Today was more staff activities and I got to meet the other part time baker. Her name is Katie and we are going to be trading off shifts when I am nannying for the girls. We made strawberry muffins, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, blonde brownies, and got a leg up on some cakes for various birthdays. After dinner we all got into groups and worked on activity skits. Each activity (be it riding, photography, climbing, or my weaving activity called Curosty) needs to be presented to the campers on the first day of camp so they know what is available for them to choose. The teachers of each activity have to come up with a skit to perform to try and get campers to sign up for their particular activity. As a demonstration, the directors made up a skit for the made-up activity  of Broom Making. They dressed up as characters from Harry Potter and sang songs and performed a short skit. It was hilarious and gave us all some good ideas for our own activity skits!

We got some time to work on them before we had to perform them in front of the other counselors. They were all ridiculous and clever and a lot of fun to watch. There were even ponies and a giant inflatable swan involved!

For our skit we made up new words to "Landslide" and sang along while strumming woven guitars on frame looms. Pretty creative, if I do say so myself! Afterwards, Lily ran up to me and told me that ours was the longest and the best :-P oh, how I love those girls!

Tomorrow there is a big trip planned but I don't think they announced what it is to the counselors yet, so I am not going to give it away. Check back tomorrow night for pictures! XOXO