Stuff that happened today.

Roger and I really need to get to the DMV to get our TN licenses but I decided to sleep in today instead of getting there when they opened. Sleeping in didn't happen. I got woken up at 9 with a phone call from the manager at the original Gigi's in downtown. I actually missed the call because I was practicing saying 'hello' so I didn't sound like I was still asleep. So I then I had to call him back. He told me he  wanted to meet me and potentially offer me a job- woohoo! Not only did he want to meet me, but the sooner the better. In fact, he wanted to meet me today. This morning. Before 11. And I had to dress to impress- because it was technically an interview, right?!? So I got all dolled up (but not TOO dolled up), filled out an application, had a quick pep-talk from Eryn on the way there, then met with the manager. Long story short- actually short story short, I got a job. 40 hours a week, mainly mornings and filling in where needed. Oh, and I start Thursday :)

So then I came home and put a second coat of chalkboard paint on a wall in my studio and then I watched a Lifetime movie on Xfinity. Then I watched another one. Then another one. Now I'm addicted. Craigslist Killer, Pregnancy Pact, A Face to Kill For, Intimate Stranger, the list goes on.

After that I was hungry remembered it was Tuesday and had yet to even think about my Taste Test post. So I figured it was a great time to try out my new pasta maker. I already posted that so now I am sitting here watching LMN and getting creeped out because this guy just crawled under the chick's house and her boyfriend just left so she's there alone with her son and it's about to storm. Absolutely nothing can go wrong, right?! Yay nightmares! Oh, now the power went out. Gotta go hide under a blanket.

XOXO Allison