Stupid Project

If I didn't love fashion design so much and seeing what goes into the clothes we see in magazines, I would seriously stop watching Project Runway. I am so frustrated with it! Today's challenge was using one of the 4 elements: earth, air, fire, or water to draw inspiration from. What was the color palette of EVERY single freaking piece?!??! Grey. Black. White. Blah. Ok, so instead of this just being a ranting post which is what it started out as originally, I am going to be more productive and give you my insight.

When I think of the elements I think of color. Bright, vivid color. Mother nature has so many beautiful colors in each of these 4 elements, why not take full advantage of them? Maybe, I am not thinking outside of the box far enough, and maybe this is why I am not one of the designers on Project Runway, but here is what I see when I think of:
Earth: Green grass, fields of wildflowers, smell of the dirt, rolling hills, contrasting textures
Air: wind in my hair, blue skies, trees knocking against windows, floating, flying, warm sun on my face
Fire: heat, reds and oranges, dancing, setting sun, glowing sky
Water: fish, reflections, coolness, sparkling, green plants, splash of salt water

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Like I said, maybe I don't think far enough outside of the box, either way I think color is the common denominator. Color that the contestants of Project Runway didn't think to use.