Summer is almost here!

And do you know what that means?! CAMP TIME! That's right! I decided to go back to the heart of the wooded mountain and will be leaving on May 26th and staying for 8 weeks! That means 8 more weeks of:

Wrangling snakes,

Dinners on leave,

So. Many. Cookies,

Beautiful views,



Birthday cakes,


Late night snacks,

The Chocolate Lounge,


Overflowing mixing bowls,

Candy, soda, and BANQUETS,

Did I mention sunsets?!

Impulse decisions,

Sliding down rocks into freezing cold water, 

Photo opportunities,

Blindfolded tie-dying,


Fairy houses,

Spirit fires!

Not to mention all the great new friends, laughs, and memories that we'll be making together this summer.

Only 10 more days!