Table of my dreams!

First off, I've been drooling over these reclaimed wood and industrial metal tables for quite some time... The price tags were a little outrageous though-- $1000+ for recycled wood? I think not. My parents knew how much I wanted a new table and they took it upon themselves to build me one! FROM SCRATCH!

They went to a local salvage yard and found the perfect board. My dad took a few hundred trips to Home Depot and Lowes to find the perfect fittings (to my moms specifications, of course!) Tons of measuring, cutting and more measuring until it was finally time to apply some sealing wax and ship it off to Alabama! My mom was already planning to come visit me this past weekend, but little did I know, she had an alternative motive: to deliver my table! My parents worked on this table for 2 weeks and loved it so much at the end they considered keeping it for themselves, and I don't blame them! It's gorgeous and custom tailored to my dining room and my Anthroplogie chairs. They are already planning on making another one for them to keep and who knows- maybe they'll start selling them! There is already a waiting list starting- so get your name on it fast! Without further ado- here are some pictures!

Pretty amazing, right?!!