Taste Test Tuesday!

Strawberry Honey Mascarpone Scones with Citrus Honey Glaze I originally set out to make raspberry ricotta scones but the grocery store didn't have ricotta so I got mascarpone instead. Also, raspberries were nearly $5 per thing vs. the strawberries that were 2 for $5. Instead of just substituting the ingredients I decided to look up a different recipe--- lo and behold the first one I came across incorporated citrus and honey, my two other favorite ingredients! Anyhow, these scones are super quick and easy to make and the mascarpone keeps them moist and almost muffin like. Roger and I devoured almost all of them that day!

Here is the recipe I used, the only difference was that I cut the butter into the flour with a pastry cutter (way easier than 2 knives) and I cut and separated the 5" rounds into 8 wedge shapes that I then baked.