Taste Test Tuesday: Cinnamon Brown Butter Breakfast Puffs

Here is the first new recipe of 2012! Luckily, they turned out perfect! In fact, they were SO tasty that I didn't even get a good picture before they were completely devoured! Cinnamon Brown Butter Breakfast Puffs:

The original recipe makes mini muffins but I didn't have a mini muffin tin so I used a mini donut pan instead :)

The brown butter is an acquired taste, it's not something that our palate is used to but boy, is it good!!

They puff up ALOT so be careful how high you fill them.

There was a little too much batter for the mini donuts so we made 3 regular muffins to just polish it off!

Like I said, I snapped this photo really quick only moments before they were gobbled up! Click HERE for the recipe via Smitten Kitchen!