Ten Things Monday... yeah

I've been looking at blogs ALL morning. I got up SUPER early because Joanna is a whore and needed my help picking out boots. Now I'm exhausted and giving her something else she wants: TTT! What does she ever do for me!? Oh, right, my website, business cards, design help... 
I figured if I don't post the 10 things today I wouldn't do it tomorrow and it'd never get done. Better early than never! (PS I even linked to most of them in case you needed Christmas gift ideas!)
LOVE this dress:
The little boat rides the waves when you crank the handle, too cute!
OMG, I want these hand made boots
 Buy me this:
These boots are only $575... not too bad, right?
I love the idea of printing on vintage fabric:
Unbelievably GORGEOUS locket
I can't find where these are for sale :(
Love this dress, I have fabric similar to it that I got at Sirs and had no idea what to use it for- well, here is one option!