Ok, so I totally fail at keeping blog promises. I'm only a few days late right? Speaking of TGIF though, did you ever used to watch that on Friday nights? Sabrina the Teenage Witch was on and I think that's where What I Like About You made it's debut. I used to look forward to it every Friday when I was younger. Anyhow, moving on. TTT!!!

1. Pictures of pictures
(Via here and here)
2. This bike chain tattoo:
3. Cute illustrations of everyday objects
4. Abandoned theme parks
(Pictures via Flickr)
5. Treehouses, or just furniture hanging from trees

6. Furry little critters
7. Faces in Places
8. Fireflies
(via here)
9. These installations by Naoko Ito:
10. And how lame is this, but I LOVE this antique mall!!! If you are ever near Cincinnati, it's a MUST-GO! I used to loath going antique shopping with my parents when I was younger and if you know anything at all about my parents, it's that they are obsessed with antiques. I don't remember the last thing they bought for their house that was less than 65 years old. For cereal. As I grew up though, I got the bug and I can appreciate the rare treasures that antique stores hold. I am going with my parents tonight and I. Can't. Wait.
I think I am going to steal my moms camera so I can take pictures of some great finds there for you! Here is my first NEW blog promise. I promise I will show you what the Ohio Valley Antique Mall has to offer tomorrow-ish, lol.
Well that's it for now, I have some stuff to get done, hope TTT was worth the wait ;)