Thank you Joanna

I completely forgot today was Tuesday because I have been running all over tarnation trying to get the last things I need to done while I am here. Thanks to Joanna's very patient and gentle reminder via Facebook, I am here and doing TTT. Woohoo! (If I am late tomorrow Joanna it's because you demanded this of me!) I told you, I am SO bad at blog promises! Alrighty so. First things first. I am still trying to theme each day and had a really hard time coming up with things. Sorry Mondays are so lame, I'll try to fix that. I had my dad sitting here helping me try to think of things to do and it was humorous. It really clears up the question of how I came to develop such a bizarre thought process. I love him and the way he thinks.

To be honest, I am only sort of copping out on todays TTT because I am combining it with something else I promised you. So here are 10 fun things I came across at my favorite antique store!!
1. I heart old telephones. I have an old black princess phone in my apt that actually works, or would if I had a home line. But this one is pretty fab.
2. Still totally want to learn how to spin my own yarn!
3. Adorable thermos set:
4. When I was researching hot air balloons for my Valentines I came across this pyrex Cinderella bowl. The one and only pyrex bowl I would like to own. (The one on top) I found this one and the smaller one but neither were in great shape.
5. Love this cricket:
6. There was a set of 3 of these, two candle holders and a platter thingy. Way to expensive but really neat!
7. Old TV's. Gotta love 'em.
8. I covet these old mailboxes. So great for small collections. I can totally picture a phenomenal (menomena, Mary Ellen) bug collection in the drawers. Drool....
9. I always wanted one of these old carts that would match my kitchen table. Unfortunately A. they are in poor shape and B. I want a new kitchen table, lol.

My current kitchen table is the color and laminate of the one below but a much different style.
10. I love looking at old cameras. One day I hope to have a collection of them, although they are generally too big to fit into that mailbox... Oh well.
I also love old pictures but everyone charges a fortune for them! What a rip off! Anyone know where I can find old slides? That is what I really need!
I ran out of numbers but here are just a few more things I saw that were worth noting:

Have a great 11 minutes left of your Tuesday and have a great Wednesday. I have a fulfilling day of driving and wedding planning assistance tomorrow! Until next time!