The Appraisal and more waiting

More waiting. The bank is going in to appraise our house today and if that goes well, we need to get homeowners insurance in place and make sure the last of the paper work is completed. Until all of that is done, we won't know if we are going to stay on schedule and actually close on the house this Friday. I hate not knowing. We've been doing a ton of packing but it's hard to know if we need to leave stuff out to live just a few more days or 2 weeks.

Ugh! I am still 100% addicted to HGTV and have been going back and forth between Property Virgins and Hoarders. It makes me glad that we already found our dream house, but anxious about all the stuff we still have to do- but also glad that we aren't "collectors."

I am also spending hours on Design*Sponge oogling all the brilliant DIY's and decorating ideas. I am currently drooling over Paige Morse and her beautiful styling and aesthetic you can see here and here.

In the meantime I am daydreaming about living in Nashville as soon as Saturday!! Keep your fingers crossed!