The best trip to Nashville, as of yet!

I didn't have the photographs from Eryn's and my Nashville excursion during session break to write about it immediately, but since then, she has made 2 really great posts about it: one on our joint blog An Uncommon Occurrence and one mainly outfit focused one on her personal blog: {a.:.proper.:.fool} that you NEED to check out. Here are a few more pictures that I took on my phone to further document our wonderful day together. For the classier pics, check out the other blogs!

(Basil lemonade and tea from Silly Goose)

(Silly Goose)

(An unbelievably amazing sweater from Savant Vintage for only $100!)

(Finally time for ChaChah's for a pitcher of sangria apiece...)

(...and CHEESE DIP!!)

This was one of the best (and most well planned out days) I've had in a long time. I am so glad that Eryn and I had the opportunity to catch up before I had to go back to camp! No go look at our pretty dresses!!