The dish

I just made some yummy vegan chocolate spice cupcakes. They were so easy. So so easy. I am going to bring one to work for Michelle to try and see if she thinks I should submit it to Gigi's corporate since they're working on a vegan cupcake recipe. I am currently making a really really weird variation of the cupcakes now. We'll see. My hopes aren't too high though.

I just watched a guy make candy canes on a Food Network Challenge. He made it look easy. Although, he said the last time he did it for a challenge he royally F-ed it up, so I don't feel so bad :)

I watched Girl Interrupted this morning. It sort of reminded me of Virgin Suicides (If you don't recall that is on my top 3 favorite movies list). Anyhow, I liked it a LOT better this time than in 9th grade when I watched it at a slumber party. If that is going to be a trend, I guess I should give the Blair Witch Project another try... maybe not.

I am super proud of myself and my thrift shopping today. I got the main component of 5 Christmas gifts for a whopping $2.25. GO me!