The dreaded update....

While my laptop was down, I had a busy couple of weeks. Saturday was a full day of cupcakes. I rushed to get all my work finished so I could keep my manager company at the Hi-Fi wedding fair at Lowe Mill. We got stuck in a corner so we didn't get as much traffic as we'd like but it left us time to make up stories for the characters that we did have the pleasure of meeting. The Cheetah lady was our favorite.

My mom came to visit last weekend and I took her to Nashville. We went to a few antique shops and landed me a new (old) couch! The store wasn't antique as much as vintage (lovin' the  modern bird cage below). The couch is from the 70's and in WONDERFUL condition. I couldn't take it home that day but we rearranged the living room in order to fit it. I signed up for the Crow and Canary Valentine's day card swap again this year and convinced Eryn to do it too. She and I took a trip to the new Joann's to find some inspiration for the cards. Unfortunately, it was less than inspirational and caused us to loose our motivation and focus for the day. We ended up having to work on them by ourselves. Check out Eryn's cards on her blog here.

It was a pretty hectic couple of weeks and this week is going to be no different. After all, what comes to mind when you think about Valentine's Day? CUPCAKES! I've heard nothing but horror stories about last years Valentine's Day at Gigi's, hopefully I can make it through!

Well, I hope this was a sufficient enough update for all of you!