The first week of July

Last week at a glance: I bought a cute vintage dress and failed at taking pictures of myself in it,

I watched the sun set and a storm roll in on the way home from a birthday party with the girls,

I learned how to kayak, did my wet exit, and learned the basics of a roll, 

Katie and I made a TON of pizza dough,

 and experienced the effects of copious amounts of yeast, I watched a beautiful fireworks show on the hill at camp,

I went on leave with Maddie on Monday, Chelsea on Tuesday, and hung out by myself at Mellow Mushroom today, 

and I met a really awesome guy who owns a coffee cart in downtown Asheville and we talked about coffee while waiting for the storm to pass (Viva & Co)

So that wraps up my last week! I have had so much fun at camp this summer, but my time is rapidly coming to an end. One week from Thursday and I'll have my bags packed and be headed back to Tennessee. It's bittersweet, I am going to miss everyone I've met but it'll be nice to be back home with Roger and the puppies...well for 2 days at least- then it's off to the Bahamas!