The funny story

So, here's the funny story:

Remember when I told you about the credit card company calling Roger and almost giving away what his anniversary gift was? I was able to keep him in the dark, the package came and Roger was clueless.  Well the mail man left a note to pick up another package. On the way to the post office, Roger texted me and told me that if a package came I couldn't look at it or shake it or anything since it's supposed to be a surprise. I told him I was going to pick it up but wouldn't look at it. Well I didn't even have to look at the package, as soon as she walked around the corner I recognized it.

Sho 'nuf, we both ordered each other chocolate from our own little chocolate shop in Antwerp! What are the odds!? Well it all works out because we forgot to get ourselves chocolate after picking out the chocolate for all of our souvenirs! PLUS- we don't have to share!!
We were meant to be :)