The Inner Workings

1. I am really getting sick of apartment living. My apartment here is great except for the bugs. Gross!! They spray every week for us to no avail.

2. I LOVE living with Roger and Bermuda. That dog completes our triangle of love.

2. I also love the smell of Bermudas paws. That sounds really weird but they smell like a dryer and Iove it.

3. I watch way too much ABC Family.

4. I am so sick of school right now but I am considering going to grad school. I'd just have to find a way to pay for it :( oh and find a great fibers program. It's the taking classes I am not interested in that bug me. I also don't know if I can choose just fibers, I am so interested in photography and clothing design, ugh I don't know.

5. I love racquetball!

6. Bermuda is the most spoiled dog ever. Rogers and my lives revolve around her. (that sentence was extremely hard to get gramitically correct)

7. Lastly, Roger is baking me a cake right now to make up for him being stupid earlier. That sounds innocent, right? NO! When Roger gets into the kitchen, all hell breaks loose! His brain doesn't work like the rest of ours, his first thought of how to do something is completely different from the norm and what is expected. Anyhow, he won't tell me what he's making but he had to check that he was supposed to be going all out. I just left him separating eggs.... it was a mess lol. Anyhow, I am anxiously awaiting the finished product and the only clues I have are when he shouts to me asking where something is.