The newest member of the Rockbrook family.

Yesterday was another eventful day. The morning started off sunny so before lunch we were all invited to try out the newest member of the Rockbrook family: the slide! It was just installed this spring to replace a much more dangerous lake toy:

(The old Toy)

The slide actually has water running down it and lets out on the deepest part of our cardinal shaped lake (the Rockbrook Redbird is our mascot).

Sarah, one of the camp owners got to take the maiden voyage down the slide, boy was she excited!


(I love this picture of her feet sticking up after she hit the water)

(Another great splash)

After everyone got a turn on the slide, we had lunch and another orientation session where we acted out how to positively speak to campers. Then- the evening we'd all been waiting for: our very first leave time! FREEDOM for 6 hours! I coordinated with a couple other counselors so we could all go to Walmart and dinner then I ran up to my cabin to take a quick shower and change into nicer clothes. I'd barely put my outfit on and started my makeup when I hear a call: "Allisonnn?" "Yes?" I say. "Do you mind coming to wrangle a snake?" Of course I JUMPED at the opportunity to save the Junior line from an "ENORMOUS" black snake! I got my snake tongs and a pillow case and headed up the hill. The snake was on the porch of the junior lodge and as I was trying to be stealth, it moved and everyone screamed. Of course it bolted! Right under the lodge. I figured it was a lost cause and headed back down to my cabin to continue getting dressed. I barely set foot past my curtain/door when I am summoned again: "IT'S BACK!!" they said! I grab my gear and make my way back up the hill. It was slowly sticking it's head out from under the lodge so I warned everyone to stay quiet and keep still so we didn't scare it back under. It steadily made it's way out so I could grab it with the snake tongs and then pick it up by it's tail. It was only about 4 feet long and super slender, also, completely mellow. I held it behind it's head (as the counselors who DIDN'T catch the snake advised me to do) (They suddenly became experts once I eliminated all sense of danger, lol) and carried it to the office to tell the girls I was meeting I would be a few minutes longer. I took a few pictures, obviously, before putting it into a pillowcase for transport to a safer location.

A few more swipes of deodorant later, I am heading off to Brevard, the local town to release the snake and find some delicious dinner. Our favorite restaurant is called Square Root and they have some amazing food. Unfortunately the service was rather poor last night, but the quality of my prosciutto, sage, and goat cheese stuffed chicken on a bed of yellow grits and smothered in champagne sauce more than made up for it:

(Chelsea, Bailey, and me)

After dinner we made our way to a local artsy store called Hunters & Gatherers. We got a couple of super cute old books, Chelsea got an amazing antique key, and Bailey found some adorable vases. 1.5 hours later, we were on our way to Walmart to get a few things we had forgotten: washcloths (18 for $4!), conditioner, etc. The Walmart trip was VERY amusing but it's probably some of those "you had to be there" moments that I won't get into. Afterwards we went back to Dolly's for some ice cream and then "Huddle House" for some "waffles." In reality, we went to a local pub and had a couple amaretto sours before heading back to camp at last where I had a wonderful late night Skype date with my very best friend in the whole wide world ERYN! She was kind enough to wake up long enough to talk to me :)

Today was filled with several more snakes and, if you're interested, I took this very short video clip that I thought was pretty cool: Couple of Snakes

Tomorrow is a HUGE day! The campers arrive!! I have to have muffins ready for the parents by 8:30 and the day is going to be so chaotic! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! <3