The reason...

....I haven't blogged all day today is because I was busy weaving. Yup! I took the leftover warp from the rugs that I was going to tie-on to off the loom so I could start a different project. I NEVER would have finished 3 more rugs and the loom would have been sitting there unused- just like my ideas. 

So here is my progress so far:

180 ends at 20 epi which makes 9" wide. I measured my warp 3 yards long so, with take-up I should get around 2.5 yards for whatever the heck I'm gonna use this fabric for. 

I don't have a 10 dent reed and with such small yarn you would be able to see the gaps if I used a 15 dent reed. So, I pulled out my 20 dent reed-- the hook barely fits through! Also it was super old and rusty when I got it with my loom so I scrubbed it as best I could. Since I'm not using some super clean white yarn I am not worried about a little residual rust. 

Luna chilling out and watching me.

Threading the heddles.

My warp!

Started weaving

Kinda metallic but not really

Can you guess what I'm weaving with?

It looks like a scarf but I don't know the end product yet. 
Betcha can't guess what I am weaving with!
Off to weave some more!