This one's for you, mom!

Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to help her out in the kitchen and since she's a baker-- she was always in the kitchen! When I was young, I was the one who doused everything in sprinkles. My parents owned a bakery called Purrrfect Pastries for several years and I was the official sprinkler! (explains my sugar addiction, right?!) As I got older I ventured out on my own- mixing flour, water, and salt together and being so proud that I made dough! Then, in my teen years my mom decided that she needed to pass some of her recipes down to me. After all, when I grew up and got married I didn't want to be an embarrassment in the kitchen! (That was her argument to get me to go bowling as well-- she didn't want me to go on a date and embarrass myself by throwing gutter balls) Anyhow, despite the many times I wanted to EAT the cookies instead of learning the fine art of creating them, I quickly developed her love for being in the kitchen. (Hey mom, remember that one time we made about 100 pecan cookies covered in powdered sugar and ate them ALL in one sitting?! I still can't even think about those without wanting to puke!)

I am a little more adventurous then her when it comes to trying out new things, but when it comes down to it, she's my mom and she taught me everything I know. We were reminiscing on the phone last night about the one time I decided to make Thanksgiving in February one year. I had to call her and ask her how to get the neck and gizzards of the turkey out from inside said turkey. Her wise instructions: just reach in and yank them out!

Working at Gigi's I wasn't able to express any creativity in my baking. I had to follow the recipe book to the letter. So, you can imagine, coming to camp after a year of being told exactly what to do, how to do it, and how many to make.... it was a little intimidating.  Well, my mom and her arsenal of recipes never fails to come to my rescue when I am at a loss for what to make. It also gives me great pleasure to tell people that the zucchini muffin they just enjoyed came from a recipe my mom gave me. The point of my story is, a few nights ago the kids enjoyed one of my and my moms favorite desserts to make and eat together: chocolate covered frozen bananas! I can only hope that when they get older and think back to their camp days, they'll remember that giant spricket that jumped on their bunk and those amazing frozen bananas on a stick doused in chocolate and sprinkles. Thanks for the inspiration mom :) I bet you never imagined making 300 of them!

A post dedicated to my dad is in the works as well- so stay tuned!