Thursday Thursday Thursday

I had my racquetball league today and I only got to play two games because the guy I was scheduled to play with had a hurt shoulder. The only reason I got 2 games out of him though is because I suck so badly! I am going to brag on Roger for a minute here: yesterday I had a really crappy/long/rainy drive home and was sick and tired of being on the road so Roger asked me if there was anything I wanted to eat when I got home. I said he should go to the store and pick up some stuff to make spaghetti, assuming I'd make it for us when I got home. Well low and behold I get home and all the lights are off. Roger set up a candlelight dinner for me :D:D:D It was delicious! He also bought me roses, oh so romantic! He's the greatest!

I had to take apart the whole bodice of my culminating project dress because I had a ridiculously hard time doing the boning due to the crappy fraying lining material. This whole bodice in general has been giving me a hard time because the fabric was so see through the seam allowances showed! Anyhow, I had to re-make the bodice lining and re-sew it all together, which is a pain in my rear and now I am procrastinating ironing it :(
I got one of my polaroid transfers professionally framed and matted and it looks great! I am coming up with some cool ideas to sort of "spice them up;" not that they don't look great already! But anyhow here is the cool framed one taken from one of my dad's pictures in Korea or Japan. Oh and the picture is from photo booth, so it's not the best quality, I also had to angle it so the glare from the monitor didn't show. 
Well that's all I have for right now, I need to get off here so I can eat my chocolate covered strawberries and attempt to be creative so I have more to write about, woohoo!