Tis the season for giving

Some of my loot: Some super cute necklaces from Etsy, the shark mug I had on my wish list, homemade tea, a deep fryer(!), my grandmothers earrings, a super sparkly cuff, wooden wing earrings, an adorable framed picture of Luna, and a wicked large format camera with tons of accessories: flash, dark bag, case, a polaroid back, and polaroid sheet film. I also got gift cards to Target, Walmart, PF Changs, and Webs (for yarn!!!). I got a few other things that are scattered about in various gift bags that I'll have to take pictures of once we unpack. This was a wonderful Christmas before all the gifts, I am so happy to have been able to take the time to travel and see as much family as possible. Thank you to every single person who helped make it happen!! I love you all!