It's Tuesday again, I can't believe it! I was in Nashville most of last week and this weekend was just crazy trying to get our wedding invitations out. We didn't go to bed before 3AM the last 4 nights in a row! I would love to post pictures of my first attempt at Gocco-ing but I can't until the invitations are all received. I wouldn't want to give anything away since we've been trying SO hard to keep it all a secret.
Anyhow, here are the things that I find insanely cool ATM. The way I am feeling today I may not even make it up to 10, we'll see!
1. RUEHL No.925: First discovered their outlet store on a trip to TX to visit my cousin and I fell in love instantly. Mostly because all their leather bags were $50 there. But how could you not love their clothing?! They are made by the same company as Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister but for the post collegiate. That's me!
2. The Fuji Instax Mini it takes credit card sized instant photos, since I love Polaroid, this camera is my next purchase! How awesome to tour Amsterdam and the Netherlands with this bad boy in my pocket! Speaking of which, Roger and I did a count and if I get this we are going to be juggling 4 different cameras at all times since we are never going to let them leave our sides! No pickpocketing for us, thank you!

The pictures are from an amazing blog I follow religiously: A Beautiful Mess I dare you to look at it and not fall in love with Elsie
3. This is the most amazing chocolate ice cream recipe I've ever tasted. I took some liberties with it and it made it even better: I used Ghiradelli milk chocolate and I didn't have a scale but I used about 6oz. I also added a table spoon of cocoa powder and whisked that in before I refrigerated it. Then at the point in the freezing process where you add mix-in's (about 5 min before the end in my machine) I used about 1/3 cup of chopped up vegan chocolate chips. That gave it a little crunch and really topped it off! My taste testers raved:
Roger: "This is amazing! I can't stop eating it!"
Taylor: "Yurmmmm" (Mouth full of chocolate ice cream)
Rebecca: "This is the best chocolate ice cream I've ever tasted, and I don't even like chocolate ice cream!"
4. This wicked house made of lego's!

The guy used regular size lego's to make bricks to build his house with.
5. I want to live here. Or maybe just go to Russia and photograph them.
6. "The Ex" Knife Holder set.
7. I love perusing this website every Sunday. Frank posts some of the better secrets he gets each week on Sunday's.

He is going on tours this year to colleges to talk about the suicide help line and the various aspects of his postsecret life. I want to go to the one at the University of Alabama Birmingham in Oct. We'll see!
8. Cosmic Dust I love love love the pictures found on this blog!
9. Imogene and Willie I really wish I had found out about this store like 3 hours before I did otherwise I would have been in Nashville and could have made it there! It is a husband/wife team that makes their clothes and sells vintage stuff. I can't wait until my next trip-- this is totally on my list! How cute is their store!
10. The game Set. You lay out 9 cards and try to make a set of 3 of them. Their features are shape, number, texture, and color- they either have to have everything the same or everything different. For instance you can get 3 with the same shape as long as they have 3 different textures and 3 different colors and 3 different numbers. It takes a little while to get the hang of it but I stand by my belief that you can practice to get better. Others don't seem to think so. Here is a website with a daily puzzle: