1. I think I finally know what I am going to be for Halloween. I just hope it turns out good enough to wear!

2. I have been weaving a TON and I have so many ideas for new projects! I love it!

3. I cannot wait to start glassblowing again.

4. My birthday is a week from tomorrow!!

5. I LOVE the business cards Joanna designed for me and I need some time to actually print them.

6. I wanted to turn the heat on in the house to take the chill off, guess what: It doesn't work...  not too surprised, half of the stuff in this house was done by our landlord who shouldn't be allowed near a screwdriver.

7. My puppies are playing with each other now and Roger actually said he's SO happy we got a second dog. The fact that he admitted it without any prompting is HUGE!

8. Eggo cereal is the best creation ever.

9. I have to work at 1 today instead of 3 and it's amazing how much those 2 hours matter. I don't have time for ANYTHING today!

10. I HATE getting out of the shower when the house is freezing.