1. Totally in love with Pretty Zoo's blog. She has so many great posts and it makes me keep wanting to come back for more!

Pretty Zoo

2.  OMG End of March's embroidery is amazing. I am in awe:

3. I want to live somewhere that I can bike to work. I'm sick of driving!


4. Roger showed me this picture from Reddit yesterday and it was crazy! I saw just a few rays while diving and snorkeling this past summer but this is freaking intense.

Below is one of my underwater shots of a sting ray:

5. Coolest mug ever? I think so:

6. Totally love THIS vintage wrapping paper post by Lune Vintage:

7. Amazing lookbook by Lipgloss & Black (PS I LOVE THEIR NAME!!)

8. It wouldn't be me if I didn't post something about tattoos! Check out THIS site. Here are some of the more unique ones and a few of my faves *the baby one isn't a favorite of mine, it's just creepy!*

9. Two Words: Pomegranate. Tootsie Pop. Ok, 3 words but just as exciting!!

10. Chicago, here we come!!! We've had such AMAZING luck with the City Guides from Design Sponge that Eryn and I agreed that we won't get the full impact of our Chi-town trip unless we follow THIS one as well. I HIGHLY recommend the Amsterdam  and Nashville City Guides, but I am sure you can't go wrong with any of them!