Another Tuesday, another 10 fantastic things :) 1. I. LOVE. THIS. SONG.

2. I want this pretty new turntable to play my pretty old vinyl :)

3. I don't say it enough: Joanna is amazing. She is 24 years olda and has blonde-ish hair that kinda looked like Justin Beiber's once, but it doesn't anymore. You should check out her blog. It keeps me thoroughly amused. She mostly designed my beautiful website so it's clear just how awesome she is :)

4. A few more of my favorite tattoos:

5. Love. La Garconne.


lagarconne by shuttershuttles featuring a reversible sweater

6. My family and I used to sit down every week and watch Ally McBeal together for years and it's all on Netflix so I decided to re-watch it. I had forgotten how hilarious Calista Flockhart is! 7. I went to the local co-op today for dog food and found some asparagus roots to plant. I can't wait to start growing our own! 8. How brilliantly simple:

(found here)

9. I have seen these bags on both A Beautiful Mess and I go by Katie and I figured I'd follow the trend. They're amazing! Made by Hank 10. I am completely ready to spend as many paychecks as necessary on THESE booties....