Another edition of Ten Things Tuesday! 1. I. WANT. THIS. BAG.


2. Raspberry Cream Cheese Panini with chocolate sauce for dipping. I think yes. I am going to make this... in the very near future. Maybe when my parents are in town in a couple weeks. YUM!


3. I am obsessed with both of these blogs authored by models. I could just look at the pictures all day!

Natalie Off Duty: LOVE the clothing she models and all the behind the scenes shots! Makes me want to be a stylist!


And The Killing Moon: Just a glimpse into the life of a French model. Drool!


4. Check out this amazing accessories company: Bones and Feathers Collective. Their products are gorgeous and they have a great blog to accompany them! Found via The Fitting (An equally great and inspiring blog!)



5. Cloth Culture is another amazing fashion blog by the gorgeous Shamime Shaw (I LOVE HER NAME!) She is based in LA and has a great sense of style and beautiful photographs!


6. Strawberry Lemonade FOR THE WIN!


7. Ready for another LA fashion blogger?! Check out Sincerely Jules. Her blog is adorable, her clothes are great, and her hair.... to die for.


8. Have you see Sarah Seven's new line? I haven't look at her work since early last year when perusing inspiration for Joanna's wedding dress. She has some wonderful new designs though!


9. LOVE this line of clothing!! The colors, the simplicity. Ugh, it's just lovely!


10. Katie of Skunkboy Creatures deserves some serious love. Her blog is addicting and she has some of the cutest plushies in her Etsy shop! LOVE her creative mind!