Roger and I have already announced the big news to our  family so now it's time to tell the world! Roger and I are MOVING TO NASHVILLE!! Not only that, but it's going to be a permanant move- we're buying a house!! Out of sheer excitement, today's Ten Things is going to be based on our big news!

1. Want to meet our new new home? Check out these city guides:




2. Love this adorable little planter. I even have some vintage glass milk jars that would be perfect!



3. LOVE the feel of this house! It has the right amount of contemporary and vintage without feeling too mismatched. Exactly what Roger and I are going for!


4. Built-in bookshelves are a bit restricting, but I think they have a really clean look. Kind of appealing!


5. Can't wait to have a garage or basement for our own workshop so we can do awesome projects like this....

...or this


6. Excuse for fancy moving announcements :)

All via Oh so beautiful paper


7. 2 words: Chalkboard. Paint.




9. My own studio space!!!


10.  Unique and completely inspiring color scheme: