Today is Tuesday and that means it's time for Ten Things Tuesday! I feel like this is going to be a random assortment of info.

1. I. Love. This. Video.
Custom kite made in collaboration with filmmaker Matt Wolf for the boutique Opening Ceremony, featuring actor Jason Schwartzman. To be shown in Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing, Fall 2009.
2. These blankets from Haptic Lab are beautiful but I don't think there is any city that I love enough yet to get a hand stitched blanket of a map of it. Maybe I can just get a pillow though, I love all the color! Oh and the wallpaper is to die for!
3. Paperfinger designs. I love love love the calligraphy and art, especially the dog!
4. Opening Ceremony. Their clothing is so far from what I would normally wear, but I love it! Unfortunately it's pretty far out of my price range, so I'll just admire it from afar instead of trying to be bold and attempting to pull any of the designs off! (the video with Jason Schwartzman was made for this store actually)
5. Species by the Thousands has some really great t-shirt designs and I LOVE pretty much all of their jewelry. It's all recycled sterling silver and generally has an organic theme. Oh and who doesn't love the polaroid pictures as the images?!
6. John Murphy Photographs They are archival pigment prints and most are already framed in awesome frames. There are so many I love, it was hard to choose which to post!!
7. Cute blog: the Yoon!t-- love these pictures:
8. Langhorne Slim. Love.
9. I saw these in a Readymade mag a little over a year ago and again in a blog not too long ago and love them, unfortunately I can't find anything like that to make them myself. So I just have to admire these from afar as well. Maybe I'll get the zipper necklace?
10. The pictures from the photographer Romain Laurent-- ESPECIALLY the tilt series.
--Well, that's it for now, folks. I am going to start getting cleaned up for my birthday happenings tonight. We're carving pumpkins which Roger has started as a tradition, probably because he LOVES the pumpkin seeds I make. For dinner we're going to my favorite restaurant: PF Changs. YUM! Hmm.. should I get Buddah's Feast tonight or my long time favorite Chicken Fried Rice? I'll have carving pictures up soon! -Love!