Today is Tuesday and that means.... 10 Things Tuesday! Let me just say that I actually didn't forget AND I am totally prepared but thank you for the reminder anyways Joanna, I always know I can count on you :D
1. Eyeballs! My culminating project for my 3-D class I made a "Living" Room. I turned the A/V room into a living room and put eyeballs and teeth and creepy crawly moving things and a TV that only played static. It was awesome! I'll have to email my teach and try to get a picture of it if he still has them. Anyhow, this reminded me of my good ole creative days:
2. Colorful postits!
3. Pretty nail polish
4. I am totally in love with the earrings I got Jaclyn for her birthday yesterday. I don't think she loves me enough to read my blog so I can post them even if she hasn't gotten them in the mail yet. They are a vintage turquoise metal on sterling hoops. Cute!
5. Balloons!
(Ahem, my next surprise party should look like this)
I wonder how long this installation lasted:
6. Strawberries. Bananas. And chocolate. Yum.
Reminiscent of my waffle from Belgium. My stomach is gurgling at the thought..
7. More sparkles! This time caught in a jar!
8. Chandeliers
9. This pretty door knob:
10. And finally, this card is great :D
Well, I apologize for this post being so late, I was out on a semi doggy date at Zach and Beth's house. Bermuda got to run around with Ollie and Tsunami while Beth and I watched Twilight and Zach and Roger played some lame computer game. It was a really fun, low-key night.
Tomorrow morning I get to wake up super duper early to pick Mary Ellen up from BNA. I have some fun stuff in store for us!