1. Cute bunny prints and sharks in washing machines:
2. Owls-- I am just barely touching the edge of the iceberg with this one. I'll keep you posted..
3. Purple drinks!
4. Cute boys and even cuter puppies!
5. Cozy sleeping nooks:
6.Rubix cubes
7. Apples and peanut butter, yum!!
8. The things we do for photography...
9. Colorful cupcakes!
10. This picture:
As far as a life update goes, we brought the first load of 3 cars and a truck to the new house yesterday and are doing another load in a few minutes. We still have a TON to pack but so much of it is last minute stuff. We decided to move the actual moving to Thursday after work since the majority of people don't work on Friday and that will give us the weekend to get organized so we can have a HUGE Cinco de Mayo blowout next Wednesday! Oh and this issue of TTT is dedicated to Mrs. Joanna Shelton because she is somewhere in Europe right now and she can't get on to me about posting today. Enjoy!