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So I totally forgot about one of the most important aspects of my wedding-- the invites!! How else would people know where to go and when if it weren't for those lovely pieces of paper.

11. The Invites and Save the Dates: Our save the dates were designed by the amazingly talented Joanna and her soon-to-be husband Mark. They have their own wedding to plan, yet they spent many painstakingly long hours helping me with mine. Our save the dates were beautiful, Joanna designed the whole thing and I carved up some lino blocks and printed them all with Mary Ellen's help. Pain in my neck, but totally worth it.
The actual invites were even more annoying because I couldn't figure out what I wanted them to look like. Mark and Joanna helped me out tons with these. They designed the image of the mansion and picked out all the fonts, Roger and I changed everything around at the last second but I am really happy with them. Of course, these I printed on the Gocco, you can see several posts earlier about that experience.
(Pictures are crappy because I just scanned them in, I'll take better ones)
12. The Website: Designed by Joanna and Mark. Isn't it great?! This is actually the second website, after I saw how beautiful one of Joanna's ideas for her site looked I wanted mine completely changed. We also had our engagement session and I wanted those pictures included. I suppose that means I'll need a 13....
13. The OTHER Photographers: We had an engagement session with Mark and Joanna done by Rebecca and Taylor, it was so much fun! Taylor used my D80 while Rebecca went old school with a medium format. The pictures turned out so great, which is why I wanted them included in our website.
(Mark and Joanna)
(the things they'll do for a great picture)
(Our amazing photographers)
Happy Joanna? :D