TTT (on time!)

So I was going about my cutting and ironing of fabric and completely forgot it was Tuesday! Man, I am horrible at this! Alright, I've been wanting to do this one for a while now, but have been putting it off until closer to the wedding. Next Tuesday I am driving to Nashville to get Bermuda evaluated by 2 different dog kennels for where she is going to stay for the wedding. She has to be accepted into them... that's why I am going to 2, lol. Anyhow, I will try my hardest to post since after that I'll be gone for 2 weeks, but I figured I'd do this one now. Sorry for those of you who aren't into wedding stuff, but it's pretty much the only thing that's been on my mind lately!

10 people/businesses who are helping me get the wedding of my dreams:
1. The Dress: I found my dream dress at the first store I went in, the first dress I tried on. Of course I was VERY disappointed because that meant I was finished shopping for my wedding gown! That was the most fun part of all the wedding preparations and it was over in less than an hour! I got my dress from Bridal and Formal of Cincinnati. This is where the magic happened:
The dress is from The Cotton Bride by Chis Cole. See if you can pick which one it is :D
2. The Food: I googled something like caterers in Nashville and came across The Mad Platter. I rounded up Rebecca, Taylor, and Mary Ellen on a Friday for lunch to try the food out. It. was. incredible. I am working with Margo and she has been such a huge help, gets back to me right away with answers to all my questions and is willing to work with me on everything. The actual restaurant gave me a really great feeling, it's a little hole-in-the-wall type place but such an artistic and friendly atmosphere!
3. The Photographer: Amy Dickerson. I've already used her for a previous TTT but she is just so amazing, I'll mention her again. If I were a lesbian... ok so that's sorta creepy, but I love her. Seriously, I wish I had met her in college, we would have been best friends. Her work is just gorgeous-- good luck trying to get her for your wedding, she's making it for herself in LA now, her schedule is crazy! I am just glad I scooped her up while I still could! She doesn't usually do weddings, and she probably wouldn't have done mine if we didn't have so much in common, I am in awe at how alike we are every time we hang up the phone. Here are some samples:

4. The Venue: Two Rivers Mansion, Nashville, TN. I went and toured the Belmont Mansion and the Ambrose House but the first was too weird and they were both too small and too expensive. When Rebecca tipped me off to this place, I went for a tour and fell in love instantly. In real life the mansion is a very dull purple and red which are my wedding colors, so I knew it was a match made in heaven.
5. The DJ: Aaron Hartley, part of Hartley Entertainment. It is a family run business out of Alabama but the actual DJ lives and works in Nashville so it works out. I met his sister (Alyson) at the Belk wedding expo not too long ago and we hit it off. I then met up with him at the Country Music Association (not related to his taste in music at all, thank goodness) and he and I hit it off and I decided he'd be a perfect match.
6. The Rentals: this is a boring one, but still a huge part, nonetheless. The rentals are from Music City Tents & Events. I checked out their warehouse as well as one other, but these guys had the right prices and seemed way more professional. I am renting a dance floor, possibly a tent, and all our linens from them. I'll let you know how it goes and if their worth looking into for other Nashville events. -- not really any cool pictures of rentals, lol.
7. The Flowers: Ordered from: and arranged by: Mary Ellen. I am doing various flowers-- everything from anemones to carnations to eucalyptus. I have no idea how it's all going together but I have put my faith in my maid of honor. Doesn't she just look like she belongs with flowers?
8. The Cake: Cupcakes, actually and they are from Dulce Desserts by a very sweet lady Juanita Lane. I don't remember what flavors we ordered at the moment, but one is definitely pumpkin. My stomach is grumbling just looking at these! I may have to get off here and make myself some cupcakes!
9. The Decor: Instead of using large flower arrangements for decor, I went and bought lots and lots of dead sticks. West Elm and Ikea had huge selections. These will give my wedding a distinct autumn feel. I was tempted to bring everything home and set it all up in my apartment until the wedding, I like it all so much! Here are just some examples:
10. The Rings: Last but not least, the most symbolic object in all weddings. Roger's ring is a really handsome 3mm white gold band from Littman Jeweler's. Mine is the most beautiful wedding ring passed down from my mom. It's antique white gold filagree that is art deco in style. I. love. that. ring. I found one in TX that resembled the one my mom has, but once she knew that was the look I was going for, she offered hers up. I love the ring but even more I love that it came from my mom. She's my idol, I love her so much and am so proud to be wearing her ring. This picture is not the exact one, everyone will have to wait to see that once I am wearing it, but it's similar in style.
Well my goal was to finish my vest and skirt yesterday but the last few days I haven't felt much like doing anything. I worked on it a little, but I don't have the motivation to finish. Hopefully I'll stop being stupid and get my act together. That's all for now, toodles! Love, Allison