Twilight obsessed TTT

Ever since working at camp a couple summers ago, I have been part of the Twilight saga obsession. I dragged several of my once closest friends (haha) to the midnight release of the first movie - they had NO idea what they were in for! I can proudly say I am the cause for at least 3 more Twilight addictions due to that night :) The next movie came out when Roger and I were on our honeymoon. Yep, went to the midnight showing of that in Amsterdam. That's just how obsessed I am. Well I couldn't let the opening night tradition die, even thought the Monaco was completely sold out 3 weeks ago! I got tickets to the ONLY other place that wasn't sold out, unfortunately, we'll have to go super early to get good seats. Oh well, it's all part of the experience, right?

Long story short, here is a themed TTT for ya (just try to guess what team I'm on!):