Waterfallin' and Dead Danny

Our very last long leave happened this past weekend. A bunch of us went to Dugan's Pub for dinner before heading back to Castle Rock Lodge to watch Scooby Doo and play Sett. The next morning Jackie and I were the only ones who wanted to search out some of the beautiful waterfalls Pisgah forest is known for. The first one we found was called Slick Rock Falls.

There was a great nearly perfect circular pool about 3-4 feet deep in the middle that Jackie was brave enough to swim in. It was a little too chilly for me :)

The very next waterfall we went on search for was called Cove Creek. We hiked for a bit and found a small waterfall that we thought might be the one on the map we were following. Turns out, it wasn't. We headed back towards the car running into a park ranger on the way. I flagged him down and he gave us more specific instructions. He told us we had to pass 2 fields, 2 camp sites, and a smaller waterfall before finally running into it.

We passed by one field then found a cool "sliding rock" type fall.

We kept walking, found the second field, waded through the river that crossed the road, came across a wicked awesome tree, found a campsite, asked at least 3 people how to get there, before finally just picking a trail and sticking with it for about a mile.

We hiked and hiked before finally giving up. We could NOT find that freaking waterfall!

The third one on the list was the one Michelle and I went to a ways back- Douglas Ridge Falls. I assured Jackie that I could navigate and get us there. Sure enough, we made it! Along with about 15 campers from a boys camp and a little mouse,  that had the same picnicking ideas we had.

(Look in the dead center of the photo for the little mouse!)

We set up our picnic which consisted of a PB&J sandwich, Marshmallow Mateys, and an apple. I looked over my shoulder, past the rock we were sitting on, where, to my surprise, there was an animal carcass with killer butterflies gnawing on it!

Jackie was super casual about digging through the bones to find treasures. We found several teeth, both lower jaw bones and what we think is the pelvic bone- all possibly from a coyote?

The tail, which was too big to keep, fascinated me the most.

We decided that finding the skeleton more than made up for our lack of finding the other waterfall. We also decided that the creepy level reached its peak when we stuffed the bones into a ziploc bag and walked away with them. Either way, we had a blast and I am happy to have spent my last long leave exploring what Pisgah has to offer :)