WE Heart Handmade Art is a success!!

Well the West Elm/Etsy event was a complete success. Rebecca and I had SO much fun setting up and meeting all sorts of Nashvillians. Everyone got assigned to a particular part of the store based on what they were selling. A couple girls selling cards had a nice table and props to set up on; jewelry makers had couches and desks. I was given a small table with some curtain rod samples to hang things up. Luckily, there was enough space that I could monopolize the entire back corner of the store to set all my stuff out on. I got to hang my sign from the ceiling where there were already several pieces of burlap hanging- it looked like I planned it that way!

So many people came out for the event- and the majority of people I invited stopped by as well! Joanna came all the way from Louisville, even my dad drove down just for the event!

It was a magical day and a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I've been slowly posting more things for sale on Etsy so keep checking- and remember I am all for custom orders!