Weaving, snail mail, and snakes

I'm officially at camp!! I made the trek yesterday and am all settled in and ready to get back into the swing of camp life. We have a ton of prep work to do this week as well as counselor training then the campers come Sunday. My official title is something along the lines of: Expert Weaver, Baker, Snake Charmer Extraordinaire. Works for me :) Anyhow, they put me in a room above the kitchen and it's super cute. I have a desk, bed, and lamp. Oh and as of a couple hours ago-- a door (curtain)!  Oh, and also an outlet so I can have my computer with me :) I would LOVE to get some mail so if you have the urge to write me a letter, draw me a picture, send me a care package (HINT HINT) I would LOVE it! Also, I'll totally write you back!! Here's my address:

Allison Volek Rockbrook Camp P.O. Box 792 Brevard, NC 28712

I was able to get down to Curosity (the mountain craft cabin) and check out my looms. They all have warp left over from last summer and I only have to replace on warp due to a mouse  making a nest in it over the winter. It could be worse! Yesterday they found a garter snake, black snake, and 2 copperheads, so I have high hopes to be wranglin' up some snakes this summer. As I went to my bathroom to take a shower a few minutes ago, I nearly stepped on one of the biggest spiders I've EVER seen. As I was trying to get a picture of it (naturally) it decided to bolt and scared me half to death so I whacked my elbow on the toilet seat. I have a huge knot on it now, OUCH! Also, side note, the water pressure in my shower is worse than I would get if I bathed in the creek outside my cabin. Oh, did I mention there's a freaking creek running right outside my door!?!? Jealous yet? 

It's nearly a half mile from where my car is parked to camp. All. Up. Hill.


My little nook! Since I took this picture, I got a mirror, rug, bathmats, desk, chair, and curtains. Yay!

My backdoor opens up onto this creek.

I managed to get down in the kitchen and get to work- they needed a dessert for tomorrow so I made one. Key lime cheesecake bars. Yum? We'll see. Kind of nervous since I didn't get to try one and we're serving them tomorrow... oh well.  Also, I baked them for an hour in the oven that was turned off.... lolz. Wednesday is when I officially have to start baking muffins and cookies. I'm already famous and people are putting in requests! They'll get whatever I give them though.

I managed to sleep right through the dinner bell this evening and I have another early day tomorrow, so it's off to bed for me, tomorrow we're going to Lake Jocassee in SC for some pontooning and swimming. Can't wait!