Weekend accomplishments

I have the overlay of organza done! Woot woot! Well, done printing at least, it still needs to dry and possibly be washed before actually being over-laid. 3 more colors to print on the silk/soy satin and it's good to go. Only a few weeks late... the picture above is just a preview, I don't want to give it all away just yet!

In other news, I had a wonderful time at Joo and Stephanie's wedding on Saturday in Lynchburg, TN. It had snowed several inches the day before so it was beautiful outside but it made travel for some guests difficult. Joo's parents were unable to make it if that says anything about the weather. Their photographer cancelled on them as well so I stepped in. Their videographer had a Nikon D300 so I used that during the ceremony and my own during the reception and before hand. Unfortunately the flash they had was losing battery power so many of the pictures are going to be rather dark, hopefully I got a few good ones! Here are some I took with my own camera. Oh and I didn't meet the bride until seconds before she walked down the aisle. I think with some more experience, and more than an hours notice, I could do some serious wedding photography!
The nervous groom!
The groomsmen
Mr. and Mrs.

I also managed to finish my "Pink and Red" skirt for the BurdaStyle challenge this weekend as well as getting some pictures taken in it. Rebecca is NEVER around on the weekends so that was an accomplishment in itself! Now, it's quite cheesy, but I stand behind it.. I think... lol. Not really my colors, but it's cute for V-day. I'll post the voting link as soon as it comes up so you can show some support!
So I had a very accomplishing weekend, oh and since I left my book at work, I bought another one on the way home from the wedding since we got back too late to get to my locker. I finished it today after working 9 hours, not bad with everything else I managed to get done! Stay tuned for a playlist soon, I have some great new music I've been jamming to! Off to bed!
Love, Allison