What a weekend!!

I know I'm a week late posting, but better late than never, right?! So last week Thursday was closing day for first session and it was also the day my parents got here to visit! We met up in the morning and headed straight to Asheville to go shopping and grab some lunch. We hit up a HUGE antique store first and spent at least an hour there before going to the Green Sage for a delicious organic lunch. After that we went to the most amazing shoe store in the world called Tops for Shoes. All 3 of us bought shoes! After that, we went to the Frugal Backpacker to get my mom a rain coat before heading back to the hotel to wait for Roger!!

Roger got in around midnight and I was so exhausted I could barely talk. We woke up super duper early to head to the Nantahala for some whitewater rafting!

Rafting was SO much fun. It was about an hour and a half drive to get there and then 2 hours down the river. The rapids weren't higher than a class III-- they were mild but exciting :) On the way back we passed by a store in the middle of NOWHERE that makes and sells their own english toffee, yum!

After a long day of rafting we were pretty exhausted so we headed back to Asheville for some sushi. It was the first time my mom had ever really tried sushi so it was super exciting.We got 6 different rolls to taste and split between us, I've never eaten so much delicious sushi in my life! I think my favorite is still the rainbow roll, but the Godzilla roll is a close second!

Since it was still early and it was a Friday night, I thought we should stop by the weekly drum circle held in a park in downtown Asheville. I figured my parents would get a kick out of it, and I'd never been so it would be an experience for all of us. And what an experience it was! Tons of people gathered banging on drums, it felt so tribal. We all really enjoyed it. Even Santa Claus was there taking pictures:

After the drum circle, it was time for chocolate and where better to go than the French Broad Chocolate Lounge! I got the mud wrestler again and split it with Roger and my dad got the same thing. My mom got a chocolate sundae. Roger also got a dark chocolate torte with fresh strawberry sauce and I got the lavender vanilla creme brulee. Some musicians were just setting up when we finished so we stayed to listen to a little jazz before heading back to the hotel and passing out from sheer exhaustion.

(But not before passing some cool street art on the way back to the car!)

The next morning (Saturday) we tried to wake up early, but it didn't quite work. Eventually we got ourselves up and dressed and headed to Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah. I had taken my mom here the last time she came to visit me at camp- 3 years ago and we both really wanted my dad and Roger to see the beauty.

After the falls, where else to go but Dolly's! My dad tried out the Wayfarer's Overload, my mom got a turtle sundae, I got the one with rivers of marshmallow (I CANNOT remember the name!!) and I have no idea what Roger got, but they were all delish :)

We were all happy campers when we went back to the hotel to sit poolside and relax for the rest of the day... well until my Krispy Kreme kraving took over! An hour roundtrip for a dozen donuts? Totally worth it, in my book. All in all a most spectacular visit from my favorite people. Only 6 weeks left of camp! Holy smokes!!