What what!

I NEVER ever thought I'd be saying this, but boy, I cannot freaking wait to go to work this afternoon. I just wish I didn't have to wait till 3. What a change from my 'working at Belk' mindset! Maybe it has something to do with my sugar addiction.... like I haven't had a cupcake since um, Saturday? WITHDRAWAL! HELLO! 
Anyhow, in other exciting news, Roger and I got library cards, woot woot! The HPL by us is HUGE so I am going to be reading my butt off from now on. 
I can't wait for Project Runway tonight, I am still PO-ed at Gretchen but Mondo is just so stinking cute, I can't help but root for him. Plus, I love talking to Beth and Lindsey about the nutty judges. 
That's about the jist of what my day is going to consist of today! Oh, that and puppy chow! NOm nom nom!