What's been going down

So, I've had a pretty busy couple of weeks and haven't really updated you on the camp aspect of my life lately. Last week was pretty much the same as the one before... and the one before that.... I have been baking up a storm as far as muffins are concerned. I made the usual lemon poppyseed, sprinkle, chocolate chip, and blueberry but I threw a few orange almond, strawberry, and french toast muffins in the mix as well. Last Thursday marked the end of the first July mini session. We had around 100 girls leave and Sunday they were replaced by 125 more. Camp is at its ultimate high enrollment this session. The dining hall is FULL with over 325 girls, plus staff! As Michelle and I headed to get my car packed for the weekend it decided it didn't want to work anymore. We ended up having to take Michelle's car to Virginia which was super generous of her to offer it up. That meant that as soon as I got back to work Monday morning I had to make some phone calls to get it towed somewhere. AAA came and towed it to a place in town that was recommended to me by my boss. It's hard to be available for AAA and the auto place to call when my phone gets no service but I managed it. They said it was the spark plugs that went bad and then destroyed the wires. He wasn't sure about the coil, but once the plugs were fixed he'd be able to tell... or not. I got called today to come get it and as soon as I got in to drive it, guess what? Bad coil. I had to get a ride out there and then call her back to pick me back up. My car will hopefully be ready tomorrow morning. I just have to arrange time off and another ride to town. Oh well. At least it broke down in the driveway at camp and not careening halfway down the side of a mountain.  Speaking of near death experiences...

So I was baking today, right? And no, I didn't get burned, I'm way more creative than that. Well tomorrow is birthday night for this session. (remember last one?) I'm not doing anything nearly as complicated, just baking 12 cakes and putting a layer of frosting on them. I was super far ahead and made extra batter by mistake today so I was up to 11 cakes. 1 freaking cake short. So frustrating! So I was making a tiny bit of chocolate cake batter to make my one last cake. The recipe I have is super duper easy. Throw the eggs, milk, oil, and vanilla in the mixer then dump the dry ingredients in. Mix it up then lastly add some boiling water. So I was using a glass bowl to boil the water in the microwave and it took forever to heat up. When the water was finally boiling, the bowl was super hot as well. I didn't want to put on our commercial grade elbow-length pot holders to grab it so I picked it up with my apron guarding my fingers. Since there are eggs in the batter, I didn't want to just dump the whole bowl of water in and accidentally scramble them so I turned the mixer on low. I also knew I needed to be careful pouring it in the mixer since boiling hot water flying through the air is sorta dangerous.... Nearly as dangerous as flying glass! Alas, I'm getting ahead of myself. So here I am holding a glass bowl with my apron, the commercial size mixer is on the table so I have to be on my tip toes to lift the bowl and apron up and pour it in. I manage to get all the water in just fine. As I'm pouring the last few drops in, the bowl starts to slip... right out of my hands.... into the mixer.... while it's on.... EXPLOSION! Glass everywhere. It happened in slow motion almost- I knew I was dropping the bowl, and I knew it wouldn't be smart to stick my hand in the mixer to grab it, I also knew I didn't have enough time to reach around and turn the mixer off before it blew up so I just squeezed my eyes and mouth shut and looked away as fast as I could. Then life sped up. HUGE crash and suddenly Rick is next to me and I'm holding my hands under my face because blood is gushing everywhere. We rush up the ramp to the nurses office and she happens to be right outside as if waiting for me. We make it into the bathroom and she's telling me to splash water on my face so she can see how badly I'm cut. She also makes me swish water in my mouth to see if glass got in. Long story short (relatively) I only have 3 very tiny superficial wounds- one on my cheek bone, one on my lip and one right below my lip. She sends me up to take a shower and get rid of any residual glass. All I can think, through all of this is that I still need to make ONE MORE DAMN CAKE! Word travels fast at camp and as soon as I make my way back to the kitchen I am getting hugs and people are examining my face for the cause of all that blood. I told you I'm more creative than just getting a burn! What a day.

Moving along. Remember that loom I was telling you about? We bought the baby wolf for camp but she had one more for sale. Well I own it now :) I called and made an offer yesterday and it's all mine!! I am going to borrow camps trailer to get it home next weekend. So many possibilities!! I have been buying all 4 harness loom books and now I have an 8 harness loom- and more books to buy!! Yipppee!!

So that's about all that's been going on in the camp world. My official snake count is at 9 and I am still searching for the rattlesnake in my dreams. I even went hiking, yes. Me. Hiking. Because 4 years ago, Jeff saw 2 timber rattlers on the trail. It's going to happen one of these days!! It was a fun hike though. In fact, I completely forgot to show you the pictures!!

There was a super pretty waterfall- one of the most beautiful that I've ever seen actually and we had it all to ourselves for a while.

I set my camera up on my backpack so I could set the timer and get a picture of Michelle and I together when I promptly managed to fall into the pool on my way across. I was soaked up to my waist. That's why I don't hike.

After sitting there and splitting half a bag of Cheetos (hiking essential) we decided to try to hike to the top of the falls. There ended up not being an easy way up so on the way back down to grab our bags, my feet slipped right out from underneath me and I slid at least 10 feet down a rock on my butt. A giant fallen tree stopped my sliding. Remember that scene from Matilda where The Trunchbull sends the little girl over the fence and she slides through a field on her rump? That's me minus the braids and the pretty field of flowers. Instead I got a nice mud stain and a few bruises. Why I don't hike.

We ended up not finishing the several hour hike which was probably for the best since I was still soaked, but I'd love to go back and complete it at some point. I just realized I didn't post the 4th of July pictures either. I'll do that now :) For those of you that don't know... I kind of LOVE fireworks and taking pictures of them. So much so, that I was so distracted by taking pictures of the fireworks in Roger's elaborate wedding proposal that I practically ignored him asking me for my hand in marriage! Ok, maybe it didn't go quite like that, but still, I love fireworks an awful lot!

This year, the 4th of July fell on a Monday. Bailey had short leave that night so Michelle and I hooked up with her and headed to town to grab some dinner before settling in on the lawn at Brevard College- the best place to watch the fireworks when you're not at camp. We hunted for BBQ for a while before finally giving up and getting my Arby's while they feasted on the salad bar at Ingles. We bought a watermelon off a roadside stand and headed with our sparklers and spiked drinks to scout out a primo spot. While enjoying dinner, we found Callie wandering around and invited her to join us. We all played with the sparklers and ate watermelon while we waited for the show to start. The show was better than I remembered it being and also much longer. A pleasant surprise! So for those of who you couldn't be with us in Brevard, NC- enjoy the highlights of the show:

(Epitome of America- yes?!)

Whatcha think? Great show, huh? Well It's starting to storm here and they unplug the internet during storms so I am going to go ahead and post this and get to reading my book and enjoying the thunder while waiting to try to call my best friend in the whole wide world :) :)