Window into my Invitations

The first attempt at using my Gocco was for my wedding invitations. We wanted 6 colors and to use as few screens as possible. We managed 2 colors on each screen for a total of 3 screens and 8 bulbs (we messed up the very first attempt) This is a basic view of the process we had to go though.
The first few steps are not shown but we burned the hedge maze screen and printed all the pre-cut and measured (by Roger) cards with the darker color. This is the second color printing.
Step 1: Register the screen so we know where to put the card each time so they match.
Step 2: Inking the screen then pressing down with light pressure onto the top of the Gocco.
Step 3: Lift the lid and peel the card off the sticky back and this is what you get! (Once the cards are registered properly you just line up each one and they're done in a flash! (well actually the flash already happened, but you get the gist) (you can tell from Roger's expression just how much fun Gocco printing actually is...) (but really, it's a blast, he just had to register the screens and that's no fun!)
Step 4: Burning the next screen. You place the light housing down in the Gocco with 2 flashbulbs in it then press it down as far as it will go.
Step 5: The resulting flash occurs which is what actually burns the screen and you are left with 2 toxic useless flashbulbs.
Step 6: Peel the design off and voila!
Step 7: After printing you have to let each color dry thoroughly otherwise the wet ink will get on the screen and then every print after that. Our card rack only held 40 so we had to improvise a drying system.
Step 8: The LAST LAYER! The text, finally! The most important and the most satisfying! Same steps to burn the screen.
Step 9. Yay! I'm done! I LOVE Gocco-ing!
Step 10: Relax!