Wool Accent

Finally finished the piece I had on my loom the last few days. It's fairly thick wool warp. I threaded it at 5 epi in a 10 dent reed. It's treadled for twill and I reversed it after every 12 weft passes. The weft is a similarly thick wool combined with a very fine 2 ply wool. 
Wool warp
Dealing with some breakage
Luna keeping me company. Notice the blankets piled up on my loom bench. After 2 full days of weaving my butt hurt so bad!
Final product
I wanted it as an accent piece on the footstool I reupholstered and when I got up to take the pictures Luna decided she really liked it.
She wouldn't get up! So I had to resort to taking it outside for the pictures.
 Some close-ups
Whatcha think?