Yup yup yup

Here's the story. 3 is my limit. I had 4 glasses of free wine at macaroni grill and it was yummy. And I found out 3 is my limit. For anyone that called me after dinner, I apologize.

I also have to say that my birthday was wonderful. Roger got me a cardboard birdhouse, totem pole mugs that stack, and wicked awesome cigarette holders that I can put my business cards in. They have doggys on them!! He also made me a cake with sprinkles, or should I say he put candles in a pile of sprinkles with a side of cake. YUM! (pictures to come when I'm not under the influence)

Zach and Beth gave me a reserved copy of the new Taylor Swift album, which rocks.

Mark was mean to me. I told him I would tell you. He is a meanie. Joanna is nice, Mark isn't :) Bermuda and Luna gave me love. All in all, it was a great night.

Oh, a guy came to our door selling comcast so we changed out our cable. We get 6 months of intro rates and after that it's about $10 less a month than what we are paying for Knology except for we get digital cable- which hopefully means we can DVR stuff. That's my story.